The Native BioData Consortium received a RADx-UP grant to establish a COVID-19 public health surveillance program for tribes

Our biobank operates within tribal jurisdictional bounds of South Dakota

Bringing cutting-edge research to Indigenous communities to improve health

Research For Natives, By Natives

The Native BioData Consortium (NBDC) is the first 501(c)(3) nonprofit research institute led by Indigenous scientists and tribal members in the United States. As a biorepository (or “biobank”), we ensure that advances in genetics and health research benefit all Indigenous people.

About Us

We are composed of the nation’s leading Indigenous geneticists.

Our Board and Community Advisory Group includes tribal experts in precision health, technology, law, policy, business, ethics, and cultural matters.

The NBDC was established in 2018.

We already have an international reputation in tribal research and policy.

We are leading example for improving Indigenous health equity.
  • Keep Samples and Data Local

    The goal is to leverage Indigenous sovereignty and keep biological samples and data from tribal members local to their community.

  • Build Tribal Capacity

    Building STEM capacity local to tribal communities creates economic opportunities and a local scientific and data workforce.

  • Foster Trust in Research

    Never before has there been as many Indigenous scientists and trained academics to guide tribal research. Fostering trust in the research process by having own people at the helm.

  • Research That Benefits Tribes

    In this era of “Big Data”, small populations such as Indigenous groups will always be at risk for erasure. Our goal is to build more robust datasets that encompass ALL aspects of health: biological, cultural, socioeconomic, etc. to investigate health outcomes that actually benefits Indigenous people.

Native BioData Consortium

The Native BioData Consortium was awarded a spot as a featured video at the 2019 American Public Health Association Annual Meeting and Expo in Philadelphia, PA.

Please watch this 5 minute video to learn more about the purpose of NBDC, our partners, and our impact with the tribal community members of South Dakota.

Several of our NBDC board members and Community Advisory Group members are also interviewed to give their perspectives on the importance of Indigenous genomic and data sovereignty.

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